So you want to know more about me?

OK, Well lets see the full name is Geoffrey Robert Mather BSc Eng DMS MIEE,
I worked for BT as the Development Manager with the Network Integrity Centre but have now retired :-)

Interests are mainly based around those involving Panoramic Photography and Amateur Radio ,  I assist in running an Amateur TV & Radio repeater site

Since late 2006 I have developed an interest in Spherical Panoramas they are best seen at the Professional Panoramic Photographer or take a look Spherical Visions, now having retired I am beginning to spend more time (and money ;-) on this hobby!
You can also see a few more here

For the last few years I have become interested in High Altitude Ballons see UKHAS and my own record of flights here.

I was born in 1953 and currently live in the town of Worthing on the South Coast of Great Britain. I married Ed in 1976 and Phil was born in 1980.

My PGP Public Key Which is also available from Key servers on the Internet

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That's it from me!

Last edited 08/02/28